The Best Summer Security Tips For Seniors

Summer is here, and that means that seniors who are living alone need to be a little more vigilant about home security. Often in the summer incidents of property crime go up. Seniors are often targeted for property crimes people think that seniors who are living alone are easy targets. But there are lots of things that seniors can do to protect themselves and their property during the summer. Seniors who are aging in place could have 24-hour home care services to provide peace of mind.

If your senior parent is aging in place they should use these tips to make sure that their home is safe during the summer:

Get 24-Hour Home Care

24-Hour Home Care Midland Park NJ - The Best Summer Security Tips For Seniors

24-Hour Home Care Midland Park NJ – The Best Summer Security Tips For Seniors

When seniors have 24-hour home care they are never alone. And someone is always with them to keep an eye on the property or call for help if necessary. It can be very comforting for seniors and their families to know that someone is in the home around the clock. For seniors that get anxious at night having 24-hour home care provides real peace of mind.

Upgrade All Outside Lighting

Outside lighting is an important part of home security. Seniors who have dull outdoor lighting or bulbs that need replacing should consider upgrading to high-tech outside lighting that uses rechargeable LED batteries. Some outdoor motion lights that operate with rechargeable batteries come with small solar grids that can be mounted with the light. The solar power recharges the battery daily so that the light never runs out of power and the battery doesn’t have to be charged manually. Bright lights that are motion activated are great deterrents.

Put The Car In The Garage

If your senior parent still has a car even though they don’t drive, or if they do still sometimes drive, the car should be put in the garage. If the car is in the driveway it can attract thieves. People sneaking up on cars late at night or early in the morning and rifling through them for valuables or credit cards is one of the most common types of summertime crime. Putting the car in the garage will protect the car and make it impossible for potential thieves to access it. If your senior parent doesn’t have a garage make sure that the car is always locked and keep the car alarm armed so that it will go off if anyone tries to break into the car.

Install Outdoor Cameras

In addition to outdoor lights, seniors should install outdoor cameras. It’s very convenient for seniors and their families to be able to see the yard, the backdoor, the front door, and any other parts of the yard through an app on their phones. And if someone does approach the property the cameras will start recording immediately. Seniors may be able to catch videos of potential criminals who are there to cause trouble. Having video may not stop a crime, but it will make it easier to identify anyone who does commit a property crime on your senior parent’s property.

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Pamela DelColle, RN, CCRN