Elder Care: Vitamins To Take During The Winter for Seniors

Winter can be brutal for people to go through, and some of us don’t even recognize how hard it can be on seniors. The sun comes out less, the days are shorter, and the air turns bitter. This is the time of year when seniors should go to their doctor more regularly and get their blood checked for vitamin levels. Suppose you find that your senior is going to fewer doctors appointments because they are scared to drive. In that case, it is time to consider hiring elder care providers. These caregivers can help ensure that a senior gets to appointments when it is safe to travel during the winter months.

Elder Care Franklin Lakes NJ - Elder Care: Vitamins To Take During The Winter for Seniors

Elder Care Franklin Lakes NJ – Elder Care: Vitamins To Take During The Winter for Seniors

Their doctor may be able to tell them exactly what vitamins and minerals are missing for their blood. However, other vitamins won’t show up as deficiencies unless a count is incredibly low. Keep in mind that a senior can take tons of vitamins, but they may not need all of them. Vitamins can be a good way to battle the winter blues.

When you have a senior aging in place, it can be crucial to have an elder care provider help them stay on a healthy routine. Keep in mind that elder care aides will not handle medications or things like vitamins or supplements, but they can help remind a senior to do certain tasks. If your senior needs more help like managing medications, they may need an alternative to a caregiver.

Here is a list of vitamins to consider when a senior lives alone and needs to battle the winter months. Elder care providers can ensure that they are taking them.

Vitamin B

This is one of the best vitamins to take, and it may help boost a senior’s immune system with a range of benefits. Keep in mind there are different types of vitamin B; some are good for the heart while others are good for metabolism. Others are energizing and can help battle fatigue; they are all good for a senior to take when they need a little boost in their system. There are plenty of ways to get this vitamin through vegetables, but not all seniors will eat enough nutrients, so they may prefer taking supplements.

Vitamin C

You may have heard how good vitamin C is for you, but it can be especially great during the winter months. Vitamin C has antioxidant qualities that can help battle the bitter months. No human body can naturally produce vitamin C, so it is important to get it from diet or supplements. Before adding it in, a senior should ensure they need this vitamin or an extra dose of it.

Vitamin D

During the winter, the days become shorter, and the sun disappears faster. This can mean a senior does not go out as much and does not get enough vitamin D since they’re not going outside. It may lead to the winter blues, and vitamin D is something that every person needs to stay healthy. It can be a good idea to start taking extra vitamin D in the winter, but it is still crucial to talk to a doctor about it first.

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Pamela DelColle, RN, CCRN