Acts of Kindness: Three Things People Have Done for Strangers

Random acts of kindness can change people’s lives. Spend time with your mom and dad performing these acts when you’re helping them with daily activities of living. It can be as small as paying for the next person’s coffee or making fidget pillows for a local memory care center. You’ll feel good knowing you’ve helped someone in some small way.

Read these summaries of things people have done to help others. These random acts of kindness took little time. Yet, each person who benefited from the act will never forget that kindness.

Elder Care Glen Rock NJ - Acts of Kindness: Three Things People Have Done for Strangers

Elder Care Glen Rock NJ – Acts of Kindness: Three Things People Have Done for Strangers

The Basket of Snacks for Delivery People

It seems so minimal, but the snacks and beverages one shopper left out brought plenty of joy to her Amazon Prime driver. After buying some of her holiday gifts online, Kathy Ouma left a basket full of water bottles, sodas, cookies, snack bars, and crackers with a note to delivery drivers to help themselves. Her video doorbell caught the joyous reaction of her driver as he giddily danced his way back to his truck.

Customers Jump in and Help Run a Restaurant

After a mix up with scheduling, a restaurant worker in Alabama found himself alone to cook meals, take orders, run the cash register, bus tables, and wash dishes. He couldn’t do it all and was struggling.

One of the diners noticed this and offered to help wash dishes. Other diners joined in by helping make new pots of coffee and bus tables. No one asked for anything in return. They simply helped the frantic employee get things under control.

The Simple Act of Sitting With Woman With Breast Cancer on One of Her Hardest Days

After being diagnosed with kidney failure and breast cancer, a New York mom reached the point where she had to shave her hair off. She’d gone out with her family for breakfast and was embarrassed and anxious about being bald.

She was surprised when the mom of a family sitting nearby came over and sat with her. That mom had been in her shoes and was there only to offer words of support and encouragement. She’d also paid for their meal. The cancer patient was overwhelmed by the support and kindness and went on social media in hopes of finding the stranger. She was successful, and they’ve become great friends.

It’s great that you spend as much time with your parents as you can. Don’t overlook the importance of having time alone. You need to balance social activities with self-care. Leave time each week for a warm bubble bath where you relax without interruption. Elder care services help make sure you have time for yourself.

Talk to our elder care representative about the prices and services area caregivers offer. Ask about respite care. Make sure you’re taking as much time to yourself as you need after a busy week of being a family caregiver.

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Pamela DelColle, RN, CCRN