Are Regrets Holding You Back as a Caregiver?

When you first start out as a caregiver, you might not think that you’ll regret anything. But there are always decisions that mean you have to say no to one thing or another. You might find yourself regretting some of the choices you need to make.


Elder Care in Midland Park NJ: Regrets Holding You Back?

Elder Care in Midland Park NJ: Regrets Holding You Back?


Quit Beating Yourself Up

The first thing that most people do when they start to feel regret is that they beat themselves up over the regrets. Sometimes those regrets aren’t factual. They’re often a result of guilt over not doing something perfectly or the way that someone else might do it. If the regret is a result of something that you’ve stopped doing or that you failed to do for yourself, that’s a lesson that you need to pay more attention to.


Learn from What Didn’t Go Well

After you stop punishing yourself for your regrets, it’s time to look at what didn’t go well. You might have regrets over friendships that have fallen by the wayside, for example. One of the lessons you might need to learn is that you do have a life outside of caregiving and that you need to continue to be social. If one of your regrets involves not being able to spend as much time with your elderly family member as you’d like, look for options. Your employer may be able to offer caregivers the opportunity to telecommute, for example.


Formulate a Plan for Moving Forward

Letting go of the regret and learning why it showed up gives you information that you need to start working on a plan. The plan is how you’ll proceed with the situation as you move forward. This helps you to focus on what steps you need to take and which steps are next on the path. Your plan might include lining up home care providers to help take over, scheduling time for yourself, and making plans with friends and family members.


Let Go of What You Can’t Control

On your caregiving journey, you’re going to come across situations that you simply cannot control, manage, or otherwise do anything about. Regrets tied to situations you can’t do anything about don’t serve you at all. The best thing for you to do when you encounter that situation is to give yourself permission to let go of those regrets.

Don’t give in to guilt that regrets can bring with them. Instead, focus on what the regret is showing you. It’s usually a lesson about something important that you’re overlooking. Focusing on what you’ve overlooked helps you to ditch regrets much faster.

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