Why Swimming Is The Perfect Workout for Your Senior Parent

Your seniors should be focused on moving their bodies as much as possible. When they can move around they are working on maintaining healthy muscle mass and body weight which can help them stay independent and live at home for much longer. Elder care providers may help them around the house and another thing elder care can do is provide transportation for your loved one to go to senior centers to attend workout classes or do other things they find interesting. Elder care can help your loved one get on a regular schedule especially when it comes to working out. Swimming can be one of the best workouts your elderly mom or dad chooses.

Here is why swimming is the perfect workout for seniors.

Swimming Is Better on the Joints

Elder Care Glen Rock NJ - Why Swimming Is The Perfect Workout for Your Senior Parent

Elder Care Glen Rock NJ – Why Swimming Is The Perfect Workout for Your Senior Parent

Your loved one may want to go walking or running but the truth is both of those activities can be hard on the joints, especially for someone older. Walking on the pavement can be brutal on someone’s knees but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be working out. Swimming is the best alternative to walking and can be more comfortable for a senior to partake in. Often, indoor pools have lifeguards on duty which can help you ensure your loved one is always safe, they tend to be heated to a good temperature, and your senior has options for how deep it is. Your loved one can swim laps or walk on the shallow side and it will be easier on their joints than walking.

Swimming Is a Full Body Workout

Although pools tend to be a lot more comfortable for your senior loved one, by swimming, they are doing a full-body workout. This is so important as they get older. They are working out every single muscle group without overworking their body which is important to focus on. A senior should be pushing themselves but not to the point it hurts and that is why swimming can be such a great exercise for them. Walking is a full-body workout but it is not the best option for all seniors, this is a better alternative that is easier if a senior has inflamed joints or pain.

Swimming Improves Flexibility Without Stress

One of the best things a senior can focus on is flexibility because it will help them live on their own even if they have help from elder care. Your senior loved one can walk or swim in the pool but they can also stretch out their limbs in the pool too. This will help them improve joint mobility and stretch out any muscles that feel tight. It will help them keep a full range of motion which will promote independence. This is crucial when you look at the aging body.

Swimming Builds Muscles

Maintaining muscle will also help seniors move on their own more. Your loved one may be losing muscle as they age and it is important to help them find ways to maintain it or even build it if they can for as long as possible. Swimming is a great way to maintain muscle because it is easy on their joints and they can do it a few times a week, but it’s also a full-body workout so it helps with muscles and maintaining a healthy weight.

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Pamela DelColle, RN, CCRN