What Does Your Senior Need to Know in Order to Get Started with Exercise

The more information that your senior has when it’s time for her to start an exercise plan, the better she’ll be able to take care of herself. Start out with a trip to her doctor, where she can get most of her big questions answered right out of the gate.


Elderly Care in Totowa NJ: Senior Exercise

Elderly Care in Totowa NJ: Senior Exercise


What She Should Avoid

Not all exercise is created equal, especially if your senior has specific health conditions that dictate what type of exercise and how much of it she can do. Knowing what types and duration of exercise are not beneficial gives your senior a better idea what she should be doing for exercise.

How Her Existing Health Affects Exercise

It might seem as if knowing what to avoid gives your elderly family member an idea how her health affects her exercise plans, but this is a little bit different. People with diabetes, for example, may need to adjust medication or their diet because they’re moving more. If your senior has arthritis, she may need to know which symptoms mean it’s okay to exercise and which ones mean that she needs to take a day or two to rest instead.

How Much Is Too Much

Before your aging adult even starts exercising, she needs to know what amount of exercise is just enough. There’s no benefit to your elderly family member to keep working out or pushing herself to work out harder. The purpose here isn’t to become a bodybuilder or to run a marathon. What she’s trying to do is to get a little healthier through moving more.

That She Doesn’t Have to Do it Alone

Exercise doesn’t have to be a solitary activity for your aging adult. If possible, it is a great way for you and your elderly family member to bond a bit more. Otherwise, having other family members or elder care providers available can help your senior to relax and know that she’s got someone there watching out for her.

Once you and your aging adult have a solid exercise plan, you can start to put it into effect. Even a little bit more movement each day is a big plus.


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