Helping Seniors Remember When Forgetfulness Is an Issue

Forgetful moments can be frustrating, as well as scary for seniors. However, it’s important to understand that not all forgetfulness leads to Alzheimer’s or dementia. Suppose seniors are forgetful but don’t have Alzheimer’s or another serious medical disease, with loved ones’ support and home care assistance providers, seniors can be encouraged to try some of the tips below to help them remember.

Beneficial Tips for Seniors

Home Care Assistance Midland Park NJ - Helping Seniors Remember When Forgetfulness Is an Issue

Home Care Assistance Midland Park NJ – Helping Seniors Remember When Forgetfulness Is an Issue

Encourage seniors to keep a regular schedule: Having the same schedule every day can help seniors remember important tasks and events. With home care assistance, seniors can learn to use phone apps to set reminders and organize their calendars. They can also use their phone or computer to set alarms and reminders for necessary chores, taking their medications, and deadlines. If seniors continue to struggle with technology, they could use Post-it notes or a notebook instead.

Organize the home: It’s essential to keep seniors’ homes organized. They will always know where their things are by having important things like keys, wallets, and glasses in the same spot. With home care assistance, seniors can work on one room at a time and set their space up in a way that makes sense to them.

Break jobs into smaller pieces: If seniors have trouble remembering long lists or complicated tasks, home care assistance can break them into smaller, easier-to-handle pieces. They can also encourage seniors to pay attention and finish one job before moving on to the next.

Active listening: Encourage seniors to listen and engage when people are talking to them. They can take notes, repeat essential points, or ask questions to help them remember if they need to. It’s crucial to empower seniors so they don’t feel shy in these situations and can stand up for themselves.

Encourage gameplay: Seniors can stay mentally busy by doing puzzles, reading, learning a new skill or language, or playing games that help them remember. This is a tip that everyone in the family can help with, as grandchildren might like to play games with seniors.

Reduce distractions: When seniors try to focus, they need a quiet space and time to process what is happening. Loved ones and the home care assistance team will need to show patience with seniors and encourage them to take their time.

Practice mindfulness and ways to reduce stress: High amounts of stress and anxiety can make it hard to remember things and think clearly. Seniors should try yoga, deep breathing exercises, and meditation to help them deal with stress and improve their general health.

It’s critical to remind seniors that it’s normal to forget things now and then, but if they are concerned to the point they can’t stop worrying, they can talk with their medical team to get a proper diagnosis and advice. Once they feel better about the situation, they can focus on improving their memory. With support from their loved ones and home care assistance, seniors can use the tips above to improve their forgetfulness.


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Pamela DelColle, RN, CCRN