How Seniors Aging In Place Can Stay Safe In Extreme Cold

Winter temperatures are getting more extreme each year, and that can be a problem for seniors who are aging in place. Older homes can be drafty and cold even if seniors have the heat on high. Seniors typically are cold and require their homes to be warmer than usual to be comfortable. Home care providers can ensure that they are comfortable and make adjustments so they stay warm.

If your senior parent is aging in place and you’re worried about them living at home in cold winter weather use these tips to help them stay warm:

Add Insulation

Home Care Wayne NJ - How Seniors Aging In Place Can Stay Safe In Extreme Cold

Home Care Wayne NJ – How Seniors Aging In Place Can Stay Safe In Extreme Cold

Older homes tend to be colder than newer homes because the insulation in older homes could be deteriorating due to age. You can insulate a senior parent’s home against drafts with help from a home care provider. Together you and the home care provider can put up plastic on the windows, hang thermal curtains on the windows, and put draftstoppers under doors to make sure that there are as few drafts as possible in the home.

Change The Furnace Filter

Your senior parent may not be keeping up with the regular maintenance of their furnace the way they should. Change the air filter and make sure the filter is getting changed each month. Just the simple act of changing the filter can keep the furnace running efficiently so that the home is always warm. You should also check the batteries in the thermostat and replace them if necessary.

Get Them Warm Clothes And Blankets

You can get your senior parent an electric blanket to help them stay warm when the weather is very cold. Or, get them a hot water bottle that can be placed in their bed at night to safely warm up the bed. Flannel or jersey sheets and layers of blankets are also great for keeping seniors warm. Choose cotton and natural fleece blankets that will allow for air circulation. Blanket ponchos and other wearable sherpa blankets are also fantastic for seniors to wear to stay warm at home.

Maximize Sunlight Exposure

Take advantage of natural heat by opening curtains during the day to allow sunlight to enter the home. Sunlight can significantly contribute to warming indoor spaces, providing a natural and cost-effective way to combat the cold.

Seal Off Unused Rooms

If there are rooms in the house that aren’t being used close them off and close off the heat registers in those rooms so that the heat will be concentrated on rooms that your senior parent does use.

Hot Drinks and Warm Meals:

Hot herbal tea is a great way for seniors to warm up and it will them stay hydrated. Keep a crock pot going with some tasty hot dishes that will warm up the kitchen and make sure that your senior has a hot meal when they want one.

Prepare For Loss Of Power

If the power goes out because of a storm or ice your senior parent could be left in a cold home. Prepare for an emergency loss of power by investing in a generator or an alternative method of heating like a gas fireplace or a wood stove so that your senior parent will have heat even if they don’t have power.

Stay Active

Physical activity generates body heat, so seniors should engage in light exercises to stay warm at home. Simple activities like stretching or walking indoors can help maintain body temperature and overall well-being.

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