Four Factors that Apply to Your Senior’s Overall Health

Beyond any specific health issues your elderly family member is facing, there are some key areas that can help her to maintain her health. Doing the best that you can with managing these areas can improve your senior’s health and her quality of life.

What She Eats

Home Care Services Wayne NJ - Four Factors that Apply to Your Senior’s Overall Health

Home Care Services Wayne NJ – Four Factors that Apply to Your Senior’s Overall Health

Your senior’s diet has a huge impact on her health, whether she believes that or not. Even if she’s been “just fine” eating unhealthy foods for the majority of her life, there’s a point where that matters a lot. Eating even a few healthier choices gives her body nutrients that it needs to help her to stay as healthy as possible. She doesn’t have to go vegan overnight, but if she’s willing to pay a little closer attention to what she’s eating, that will pay off for her.

Exercising, Even a Little

When your senior’s body moves a little more, quite a few things happen. She builds or maintains muscle mass. She burns off excess energy that she doesn’t need. She strengthens her bones. And her brain releases chemicals that help her with everything from mood regulation to pain relief. She may also find that she’s better able to manage things like joint pain and blood pressure levels. Always talk to your senior’s doctor before helping her start a new exercise program.

Whether She’s Socializing at All

Maintaining social connections is a vital part of your elderly family member’s well-being. She needs those relationships in order to remain both physically and mentally healthy. It’s tough sometimes, though. As her health changes and as the people she socializes with experience changes in their own lives, she may not have the same social network she once did. Making new friends can be difficult, but rewarding.

What Kinds of Help She Has

Having some extra help will be a huge benefit for your senior and for you. Home care services providers offer experienced assistance in the areas where your senior needs the most help. They’re also fantastic companions and they can help you to spot potential issues a lot more quickly than you might have otherwise. Having access to home care services can make a tremendous difference to your senior’s health.

Your elderly family member’s needs may change over time, so it’s important to keep up with what her doctor recommends. Get some specific recommendations that you and your senior can build on to formulate a plan that’s right for her needs.

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