Can Homecare Help with Generalized Anxiety Disorder?

Around 6 out of 10 adults age 60 or older are believed to have generalized anxiety disorder. Despite that high percentage, it’s an ignored mental health condition that often goes hand in hand with other conditions like depression.

Homecare Wayne NJ - Can Homecare Help with Generalized Anxiety Disorder?

Homecare Wayne NJ – Can Homecare Help with Generalized Anxiety Disorder?

You may not realize your mom has generalized anxiety disorder. While younger adults may have emotional or mental symptoms, it often manifests physically in older adults. Symptoms often include fatigue, insomnia, concentration problems, and restlessness.

If your mom’s doctor diagnoses her with generalized anxiety disorders, homecare can be a big help. While many doctors aim for holistic and therapeutic treatment plans over medications, the actual care plan varies. Here are some of the ways homecare services will help.

Transportation Services

When you have generalized anxiety disorder, a trip to a store alone can seem impossible. If your mom has a companion to go to the store with her and help her purchase the items she needs, it makes a difference.

Transportation services also work well if your mom has therapy sessions to attend, but she’s not quite comfortable driving alone. If she can’t get up the courage to leave the house to run errands, caregivers help with that, too.

Encouragement and Companionship

Having a caregiver with her during the day is important for encouragement. If your mom has therapeutic exercises to do each day, she may find it easier to do them when a caregiver is helping her. Caregivers are there for a friendly conversation, which also helps.

Daily exercise helps ease stress, which can be a big part of generalized anxiety disorder. Homecare aides can join your mom for walks in the woods, in a local park, or around her yard.

The more social she is with her caregiver, the easier it becomes to start expanding her social circle. Encouragement can go a long way in helping her feel better.

Meal Preparation

Food can help the body and mind heal. If your mom is used to a lot of sugar and high-fat foods, they can make you feel worse. A diet that blends whole grains, plenty of vegetables, lots of fruit, and lean proteins is important. Vitamins and minerals make a difference.

Homecare aides work with your mom to come up with a weekly menu, create a shopping list that makes sure the important foods are on hand, and cook meals and snacks. Your mom eats properly and that makes her feel better.

Talk to your mom about what would help her the most. Once you know where she’d like assistance, call a home care agency. A specialist will go over pricing and help you come up with a care plan that helps your mom stay independent.


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Pamela DelColle, RN, CCRN