Things Seniors Should Banish From The Bedroom For Better Sleep

It’s very common for seniors to struggle to get a good night’s sleep. Medication side effects, lifestyle choices, dehydration, and medical conditions can all contribute to poor sleep. Managing sleep disorders takes a combination of medications, lifestyle choices, and a good bedtime regimen. Seniors often sleep better if they have an established bedtime routine that an in-home care provider can assist them with and that includes winding down so they can sleep.

Creating a quiet and comfortable sleeping space is essential if seniors want to get better rest. Seniors who have in-home care often rely on their in-home care provider to help them with laundry so they always have clean, fresh, cozy bedding. Having the right bedding is helpful, but so is getting rid of some things. There are lots of things that seniors may have in their bedrooms that are actually making their sleeping conditions worse.

Seniors that are having a hard time falling asleep should keep things out of their bedrooms:

Electronic Devices and Loud Clocks or Noisy Décor

In-Home Care Hawthorne NJ - Things Seniors Should Banish From The Bedroom For Better Sleep

In-Home Care Hawthorne NJ – Things Seniors Should Banish From The Bedroom For Better Sleep

It’s rare for people to go anywhere without their phones these days. And some seniors do feel safer having a cell phone by their side at night. But having electronic devices in the bedroom can be very disruptive to sleep. The blue light from electronic device screens can make insomnia worse. And when seniors can turn on the TV or play games on their phones they are more likely to find it difficult to fall asleep. Seniors should not have TVs, phones, or tablets in their rooms at night. Seniors who want to have a cell phone nearby for emergencies should put the phone in a drawer next to the bed at night. That way it’s accessible but not disruptive.

Seniors should ban all noisy décor from the bedroom, including loud clocks. The sound of a ticking clock can end up stimulating a senior’s brain. It can keep them awake for hours. White noise machines are ok, they can help seniors sleep. But loud clocks and other noisy décor distractions should be put out of the bedroom.

Excessive Clutter

Bedrooms should be peaceful places that help seniors relax and feel less stressed. But trying to sleep in a cluttered bedroom can make seniors more stressed. An in-home care provider can help seniors make sure their clothes are nicely put away so they’re not causing clutter. They can also help seniors keep their rooms organized so that clutter doesn’t take over the room.

Uncomfortable Mattress and Pillows

Seniors that are aging in place may be sleeping on the same pillows and mattresses that they’ve had for decades. Get rid of those uncomfortable mattresses and pillows. Find a new comfortable mattress that is designed for seniors. And new pillows that are firm and have cooling technology can make it much easier for seniors to fall asleep.

Heavy Curtains

Thermal or light-blocking curtains are great for the bedroom. Those curtains are typically light and won’t collect dust. Seniors that have had heavy brocade curtains should get rid of them. Even though blocking light is a good thing for sleep; heavy old curtains can make the room feel small and stuffy.


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