Tips for Helping Your Senior Get Dressed

There are so many health conditions that a senior may struggle with that can make getting dressed hard on their own. Diseases like dementia and Parkinson’s can make it difficult for seniors, even if it is in the early stages. This is when in-home care services can come in handy. Not all parents will want their older children, even as adults, to help dress them. It can be uncomfortable for them and more comfortable to hire a professional who will help them every day.

In-Home Care Totowa NJ - Tips for Helping Your Senior Get Dressed

In-Home Care Totowa NJ – Tips for Helping Your Senior Get Dressed

In-home care services allow a senior to feel independent while still getting the help they need to live every day. Getting dressed is something you may not even think about until you can no longer do it without help. Many elderly folks choose to dress in daytime attire daily. Dressing up makes them feel more secure and at ease while engaging with others.

If you are determined to help your parents and you are the one helping them dress twice a day, it can be exhausting. There are challenges to overcome, and you have to keep your parents calm.

Here are a few tips that can help you and their in-home care aides dress your senior parents easier.

Give Your Senior Extra Time

It may take you only a few minutes to get dressed each morning but dressing someone else is different. Allowing enough time for dressing and undressing each day makes the process more comfortable, tranquil, and pleasurable. This increases the likelihood that your senior will comply and assist with the task. Depending on mobility and flexibility, it can take time to get them into their clothes.

Give a Senior Simple Choices

If you have multiple options for a senior to choose from, they may feel overwhelmed, and it can complicate the process. Every morning focus on two choices and keep it simple. All clothing should be appropriate for the weather outside and comfortable enough to move around all day long.

Some brands may be easier to get seniors in and out of. A quick search will help you find new outfits for seniors who struggle with dementia or something else. Finding slip-on shoes and slide-on pants may be easier than trying to get a senior in jeans with multiple buttons. Picking practical clothing will be essential when getting a senior dressed.

Change Your Approach

Sometimes seniors will be combative or not cooperative with the situation. There can be so many different reasons why that happens, and it’s important to evaluate. You may be using the wrong approach or being too aggressive when helping them get dressed. It is essential that you stay calm and you’re always gentle with the seniors. This will help them feel more comfortable when getting dressed with you.

Check for Skin Irritation

Some seniors may be experiencing skin rashes or irritated skin, which means they don’t want to get dressed anymore or need different clothing. While you are dressing them regularly, look for anything abnormal that could cause them to be in pain from the clothing. Then choose clothing that will help minimize irritation for a senior.

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