Should Your Elderly Father Still Be Working Outside at His Age? Is It Safe?

Your father might be in his mid-70’s or even approaching 80. He might even be in his 80’s. If he is still working outside, taking care of the yard work, picking up the sticks, painting the side of the house, cleaning the gutters, and doing other activities you find to be potentially dangerous, it can cause a lot of stress and anxiety in your life.

Senior Care Glen Rock NJ - Should Your Elderly Father Still Be Working Outside at His Age? Is It Safe?

Senior Care Glen Rock NJ – Should Your Elderly Father Still Be Working Outside at His Age? Is It Safe?

Maybe you stop by to check on him every day, but you lie awake at night, unable to sleep because you keep worrying about him. Safety for seniors is a serious consideration, especially if they live alone. Maybe your father is still with your mother, but there is little she can do to prevent him from doing these activities.

Is it still safe for him to do this?

It’s possible. In fact, there are seniors in their late 80’s and 90’s who still do some type of work around the house. They do it because they want to do it. They do it because they love staying active and feeling useful. Some also do it because they can’t accept the physical changes in their body.

In other words, they have a hard time letting go of their independence and autonomy. They also have a difficult time asking for help. If that’s the case for your father, then working outside — at least doing certain activities — could be potentially dangerous.

For example, if he still gets the ladder out to go up and clean out the gutters, try to wash the windows, and so forth, but he is unsteady on his feet from time to time, that could be a potentially dangerous situation.

Will he stop?

You may stop by to talk to him one afternoon and discuss your observations, but he may dismiss your concerns. “I’m fine,” he says, “don’t worry about me.” Easier said than done.

You may not be able to get him to stop doing these things, but what you can do is try to convince him to wait until either you or somebody else is there to help, at least to spot him as he goes up on that ladder.

A senior care aide could be exactly what he needs to continue doing these outdoor or potentially risky activities (risky in your estimation, not in his) to help be a spotter, assistant physically when necessary, and be diligent to look for risk factors he may easily be overlooking.

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