Four Reasons Aging at Home is Ideal for Your Parents

You’re not sure the family home is the safest place for your parents anymore.  You want them to be comfortable, but you also worry about them living by themselves.

Caregiver in Totowa NJ: Senior Aging At Home

Caregiver in Totowa NJ: Senior Aging At Home

Here are four reasons aging at home is often the best choice for a family.


-The Family Home is Familiar

The family home is familiar.  Your parents feel comfortable and secure in their home.  Going to the bathroom at night is less hazardous when your mom and dad know where obstacles are.

You may need to make a few adjustments to keep them safe, but you already know the basics like what’s been repaired recently and what is next on the list.  Often, the only things you’ll need to focus on for safety issues are stair rails, safety bars in the bathroom, and non-slip flooring.


-Selling a Home and Moving to a New Location is Expensive

According to a story in The Washington Post, real estate agents get an average of 5 to 6 percent on a home sale.  If your parents’ house sells for $200,000, the realtor takes $10,000 to $12,000 out of the proceeds.  That’s a lot of money to lose.

When your mom and dad move, there are moving expenses.  According to Home Advisor, the 2017 national average for moving costs is just under $800.  You might be able to save money if you rent a truck and handle the move yourself, but it’s hard work and takes a lot of muscle to move heavy furnishings.


-Aging at Home Doesn’t Come With Rules and Restrictions

Moving to a retirement neighborhood or assisted living community often comes with rules.  Your parents may have to give up the right to sue if they are neglected or abused. Scary, right?  They may not be allowed to bring their pets.  You may have specific hours when you’re allowed to visit them.  Your kids may never be able to have a sleepover at their grandparent’s house again.

Those are just a few of the rules found in senior living communities.  These rules are meant to maintain a calm, safe environment, but it can be tough when you’re used to coming and going on your own schedule.  It can also lead to your mom and dad having to give up a little personal freedom.


-Home Care Services Ease Worries and Dangers

Your mom and dad want to age in the home they know.  You worry about their safety.  There is a solution.  Look into home care services.

While your mom and dad retain their independence, a caregiver is available when desired to cook meals, help with light housework, change sheets and make the bed, tackle the laundry, and offer transportation services.  Learn more about these and other services by calling a home care agency now.


If you or a senior family member are considering hiring a caregiver in Totowa, NJ, please contact the caring staff at Caring Solutions Home Care LLC.   In-home senior care servicing Bergen & Passaic Counties. Call today (973) 427-3553.




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