Some people are naturally motivated to exercise as often as possible.

Other people don’t have the same motivation to exercise. This can be a problem for your aging adult, especially if she’s losing muscle tone.


Caregiver in Paramus NJ: Motivating Seniors

Caregiver in Paramus NJ: Motivating Seniors


Tie Exercise to a Reward System

When there’s a reward for exercising, no matter how small that reward is, exercise can become a much more positive activity for your elderly family member. Figure out what it is that she would like and work with her to develop a reward system. Keep in mind that food, such as sweets or snacks, might not be the healthiest choice for a reward.


Use Simple Exercises

Exercise doesn’t have to be complicated or demanding in order to give your aging family member some serious benefits. Work with her doctor to determine what types of exercise are best for her. From there, you can develop a plan. A simple set of resistance bands or even a set of bike pedals that she can use in her favorite chair might be great ways to start.


Break Exercise up through the Day

Your senior can do any exercise for a minute or two. String together a few sessions and she’s done more exercise than she might have thought possible. Gradually you can work to make each session longer or to add more frequent sessions each day according to her health.


Avoid Attaching Negativity to Exercise

When you talk about exercise, pay attention to the language you’re using. If you’re saying that she “has to” exercise, that can have a negative connotation. Try to stay as positive as possible about exercise for the best results.


Make it Easy for Your Senior to Do What She Wants to Do

Your elderly family member may be more excited about exercise if she can do it with her friends at the senior center, but she can’t drive any longer. If you can’t take her, make sure that she has reliable elder care providers or other family members who can drive for her. The easier you make it for your senior to do the exercise she wants to do, the more likely she’s going to be to actually exercise.

As your elderly family member finds exercise less intimidating and unpleasant, she’s more likely to develop more enthusiasm for it. She may also find that she really enjoys the results that she gets after she’s been exercising regularly for a few weeks.

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Pamela DelColle, RN, CCRN