World Hearing Aid Awareness Week: High-Tech Hearing Aids

Home Care Services in Fair Lawn NJ: World Hearing Aid Awareness Week

Home Care Services in Fair Lawn NJ: World Hearing Aid Awareness Week


Did you know that World Hearing Aid Awareness Week is held in September?

It’s designed to focus on those that might benefit from hearing aids.  If you are a family caregiver that suspects your elderly relative is struggling with diminished hearing?  If so, you are not alone.  It’s very common for elderly people to experience hearing loss.  Often, they don’t really notice it because it happens so slowly.  Other people refuse to accept the fact that they are losing their hearing because they are proud, embarrassed or stubborn.


If you need to start a conversation with your elderly relative about hearing loss, take advantage of the resources offered during world Hearing Aid Awareness week. 

It’s a great way to add to their elder care plan and discuss whether or not they need hearing aids.  World Hearing Aid Awareness Week promotes the use of hearing aids to better the quality of life rather than hide behind the embarrassment or be unwilling to wear a device.  You and your elderly relative can look into what it will take to get the right hearing aids for them so that they no longer have to struggle with diminished hearing.


The first thing to do is notice whether or not your elderly relative is
demonstrating some of the more common symptoms of hearing loss.

You might notice them asking people to repeat what they’ve said several times or scold people about mumbling.  They may keep the television or radio at extremely loud volumes and have trouble hearing someone on the phone.  In many cases, seniors with hearing loss struggle to follow group conversations and may grow irritable or withdrawn as a result. All this and more can signal mild to moderate hearing loss.


It’s possible your elderly relative is not particularly eager to share with
you the fact that their hearing is fading.

Many seniors are in denial about their hearing loss or they don’t want to wear hearing aids because of pride or vanity.  A visit to a radiologist can help dispel a lot of the myths and fears that elderly people have about hearing aids.  The radiologist will help them find the hearing aids that will best meet their needs.


The hearing aids of today are not the bulky pink devices of past decades.

There are several different kinds of hearing aids that are small and powerful. Many of them are barely noticeable and they can boost sounds dramatically so that elderly people don’t have to struggle with missing out anymore. Hearing aids amplify sounds by taking them in through a microphone and passing them through an amplifier. They can help seniors that struggle with hearing low or high pitches and can help filter out background sounds to focus on conversations.


-World Hearing Aid Awareness Week is ideal for getting the conversation started with an elderly loved one about hearing loss. If you have noticed your elderly relative struggling or have had talks with their elder care assistants about situations that seem to indicate a hearing loss, don’t wait too long to introduce the topic of hearing aids.


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Hear Well Live Well

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