Healthy Living Involves Far More Than Going For Regular Checkups

Your dad goes for yearly checkups with his doctor. Is that enough? When it comes to healthy living in your golden years, regular checkups with a dentist, doctor, and ophthalmologist are important. They’re not the only steps your dad should be taking, however. He also needs to look at his vices, daily diet, physical routine, and social activities.


Senior Care Paramus NJ: Regular Checkups for Seniors

Senior Care Paramus NJ: Regular Checkups for Seniors


Cut Saturated Fats and Excess Sugar

Your dad should avoid saturated fats. Healthy oils like olive oil are okay in moderation, but it’s better to avoid most fats. He should try to eat seafood or poultry more than beef, pork, veal, or lamb. Extra veggies, fruits, and whole grains are important to add to the diet.

Excess sugar is also bad for the body. If your dad eats ice cream, brownies, cookies, and other sugary treats every day, he should cut back. Instead of ice cream, he could have a serving of fresh fruit for dessert. If he craves brownies, he could have them as a treat every now and then and have them sweetened naturally with applesauce or agave nectar instead. Instead of processed white flour, try almond flour or whole wheat flour.


End Bad Habits

Smoking and excessive drinking are two habits that can negatively impact your dad’s health. If he smokes, he should make an effort to stop. With gum, patches, prescription smoking cessation medication, and counseling, it’s something he will be able to do. Within hours, his carbon monoxide levels drop. In months and years, his chances of cardiovascular disease and lung cancer drop.

While a glass of wine or beer every now and then isn’t too bad, a few beers a day can impact health. Current recommendations are one drink per day for women and two for men. Beyond that can increase the risk of certain cancers, affect the liver, and negatively impact overall health.


Get Enough Exercise

Your dad should get about 30 minutes of exercise each day. He should add a daily walk to his agenda. A fitness class, half-hour of swimming laps, or time spent on an exercise machine are other ideas. He should try to vary how he gets the exercise for best results.


Socialize Regularly

Studies have proven that isolation and loneliness have a negative effect on overall health. Your dad needs to socialize as often as possible. He might want to head to the local senior center for luncheons, trips to area attractions, or clubs. If that’s not a choice, he should spend time with friends or family members each week. A caregiver is another good way to be social and avoid isolation.

If he has a hard time focusing on healthy living practices, a caregiver can help him stay on track. Elderly care professionals can help your dad cook healthy meals. They can remind him to exercise and support him as he quits smoking. Learn more by calling an elderly care agency today.


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