Should Your Parent Pass Along the Responsibility of Hosting Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is a treasured time for most families.
This is an opportunity for you to see family members you may not get to see as often, to slow down and spend quality time with loved ones, to revisit treasured holiday traditions, and to make memories you can cherish well into the future.


Elderly Care in Midland Park NJ: Hosting Thanksgiving

Elderly Care in Midland Park NJ: Hosting Thanksgiving


If yours is like many families, your elderly loved one is likely a central focus of the holiday season, and particularly the main celebration of Thanksgiving. Your parent may have always been the one hosting the holiday and preparing the feast for the family. As their family caregiver, you may be worried that the challenges they have developed may keep them from being able to fulfill the responsibilities of hosting this holiday this year. It is important to carefully evaluate holiday celebrations and compare them to your senior’s challenges and needs to determine if it is time for them to pass along the responsibility of hosting Thanksgiving, or if you could help them to modify the celebration and responsibilities so they can maintain this role for another year.

Some things to consider when determining if it is time for your parent to pass along the responsibilities of hosting Thanksgiving include:


-Have they moved recently, and may no longer have the space to accommodate all of the family members and friends who generally celebrate with them?

-Are they suffering from cognitive functioning decline or memory loss that may impact their ability to cope with the changes in their schedule and routine that come along with these hosting responsibilities?

-Could their cognitive functioning decline or memory loss make it more difficult for them to prepare the meal as they once did?

-Do they have extensive personal care needs that may make it difficult or uncomfortable for them to have a large number of people in their home?

-Have mobility issues and challenges made it more difficult for them to navigate their home, stand in the kitchen, decorate the home, or handle other tasks that may be involved in hosting the holiday?


Do your parents still want to host Thanksgiving, or are they ready to step back and allow someone else to take on the holidays so they can simply enjoy it with their loved ones?

Having a home care provider available during holiday celebrations can be one of the best decisions you make as a family caregiver this holiday season. Your elderly loved one may be concerned about their ability to participate in holiday celebrations, or managing their challenges and needs during these celebrations. They may worry you will not be available to help them or may feel uncomfortable with the idea of interrupting your own celebration to help them manage their needs. Having an in-home senior care services provider with your parent during these celebrations eases these concerns.


This care provider will offer consistent, dedicated, and customized care for your parent so they are able to participate in the holiday as much as is appropriate for them, manage their personal care needs effectively and respectfully, and receive support as needed to cope throughout the celebration. This is not only beneficial for your senior but also allows you to relax and enjoy the celebration more.


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Pamela DelColle, RN, CCRN