Seniors Aging In Place Tips To Combat Loneliness

Seniors that are aging in place have a high risk of becoming isolated. There are a lot of great benefits seniors get from staying in their own homes as they get older. But, the risk of becoming lonely is one of the drawbacks of aging in place. Seniors who want to stay in their own homes do need to take steps to ensure that they don’t become lonely or isolated. Companion care at home service is a big help for seniors that want to stay in their own homes.

Seniors who have companion care at home get regular visits from someone they know and trust. And they have a friend who can go out to restaurants with them, go shopping with them, or do other activities. Seniors who don’t have a lot of family nearby rely on companion care at home.

Other things that seniors who love living at home can do to prevent loneliness are:

Play Video Games

Companion Care at Home Ridgewood NJ - Seniors Aging In Place Tips To Combat Loneliness

Companion Care at Home Ridgewood NJ – Seniors Aging In Place Tips To Combat Loneliness

Seniors make up one of the largest segments of people who play video games. Playing video games is something that seniors can do from home. That makes it the perfect social outlet for seniors that have a hard time getting out of the house. And there are video games to suit every interest so seniors will be able to find plenty of games to play. Seniors can spend hours talking to other players while they play the game. There are even real life meetups where seniors can attend in-person gatherings to hang out with the people they game with.

Set Up Regular Video Chats With Family

Even though a video chat isn’t as good as getting to see friends and loved ones in person it’s still a good social outlet. And video chatting is easily accessible these days. Anyone with a smart phone can video chat. Seniors can set up weekly hangouts with distance friends and family members to stay connected. Video chats are great during the holidays when seniors may feel particularly lonely.


Another option for seniors that are worried about being lonely is travel. There are lots of senior travel clubs where seniors can travel with other seniors. The trips are tailored to the needs and abilities of the seniors. A few trips with other seniors per year can really help seniors make friends while they have some fun adventures. The local senior center may have information on local senior travel groups. Check with the local library too. The library is a great resource for seniors that want to make friends.

Companion Care at Home can Help Them Join a Gym

Seniors can socialize and exercise at the gym. The gym is a great place for seniors because seniors can participate in exercise classes. Taking classes like water aerobics or yoga gives seniors the opportunity to try a new activity and make some new friends. Through a gym seniors can also find people to golf with, join a pickleball league, or meet people that like to walk every day. Getting lots of exercise and making new friends will keep seniors physically and mentally healthy.

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