Four Signs Your Senior Might Have Trouble Solving Problems

Everybody solves problems every day. You do that, so does your senior. But when she starts having trouble solving problems, that’s a problem.

Elder Care Wayne NJ - Four Signs Your Senior Might Have Trouble Solving Problems

Elder Care Wayne NJ – Four Signs Your Senior Might Have Trouble Solving Problems

Issues with Problem Solving Aren’t Always Obvious

Lots of times caregivers think that it will be obvious when their senior has trouble with daily life or with solving normal daily problems. But it’s not always something that jumps out at you. It might start out as just odd occurrences or solutions that your senior laughs off. It’s also really difficult to look at someone you love and realize that they’re having trouble putting together solutions that should be no problem for them.

Concentration Might Be an Issue

One of the issues that contributes to this problem is that your senior may have more trouble concentrating than ever before. It might take a lot longer to complete some tasks that took little to no time in the past. Or she might forget what she’s doing while she’s in the middle of handling certain tasks. This ends up manifesting as random odd occurrences that neither you nor she can really explain.

Is She Having Trouble with Daily Tasks?

Is your senior having to stop and think before taking care of tasks that she’s handled for years? Sometimes those daily tasks, even if they’ve been done thousands of times before, are suddenly a lot more difficult and are tough to juggle one after the other. This is especially true if she’s handling more than the usual amount of tasks, like more doctor’s appointments in a week than usual or hosting a holiday dinner at her home.

This May Be Bigger than You Realize

The problem is that problem-solving skills are more important than you might realize, especially for someone who is determined to age in place. Your senior might also be having bigger problems than are readily apparent. Difficulty managing small things can mean that bigger issues, like figuring out when food shouldn’t be eaten anymore, could be ignored, too. These issues can affect your senior’s health and her ability to continue the way that she is living right now.

You might find that having elder care providers available for your senior can help you to both notice what’s going on more readily and give your senior the support she needs. Elder care providers can give your senior just enough help to keep her able to age in place for as long as that is still possible.

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Pamela DelColle, RN, CCRN