Benefits of Hiring Caregivers for your Senior

Every day in the United States, approximately 10,000 seniors turn 65, with the majority of them hoping to remain in their own homes as they age, a term referred to as “aging in place.”

Caregiver Paramus NJ - Benefits of Hiring Caregivers for your Senior

Caregiver Paramus NJ – Benefits of Hiring Caregivers for your Senior

If you are dealing with a senior parent or loved one who can no longer remain alone in their home, has complex medical needs or any kind of cognitive or mobility impairment, you are probably feeling overwhelmed and wondering what your options are, and you are not alone.

You might have considered hiring the help of professional caregivers which will enable your senior to age in place, while also allowing you to take care of the daily responsibilities of your own life and the needs of your family. You may have a parent who clearly needs outside help, or your senior may be fairly self-sufficient.

There are so many reasons why hiring caregivers can help make your life and the life of your senior parent or loved one easier, including the following:

Eases stress. If your parent is worried that they may not be able to remain in their home, they might be experiencing symptoms of stress. In many cases, seniors want to remain home as long as possible, in the place that they are comfortable in and familiar with. In some cases they are in the home that they raised their family in, which is rich in nostalgia and memories. When you are able to allow your loved one to stay home, it takes stress off of them which should make the decision to hire the outside help of caregivers easier for everyone.

Increases safety. There are many ways that a senior left home alone can be a danger to themselves or others, and hiring caregivers to assist and supervise your loved one can eliminate many of the issues you may worry about. Stairs, stoves, running water, and other household chemicals or appliances are all things that many children of aging seniors have concerns about. With another responsible and trained adult in the home with your parent, you can worry less about their safety and wellness.

Helps with loneliness. Even if for no other reason than companionship, hiring caregivers to be with your parent can be invaluable to them. Knowing that they are never alone and have a compassionate companion to talk to and listen to them can be great in combating feelings of loneliness.

Creates time. As you probably know, there are often not enough hours in the day to get the needs of your parent as well as your own family, which may include children, done on a daily basis. As you juggle your parents needs, their health and household, as well as your own household and career, it can feel like an impossible task. Caregivers can eliminate some of your responsibilities as they handle the light cleaning, shopping, and grooming needs of your senior parent. This allows both yourself and your parent to get precious time back so you can do more of what you love and less of what feels like a thankless chore.


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