Home Care Assistance: What Mental Disorders Can Affect The Elderly

When you think of seniors, one of the last things that come to mind is mental health. Many people do not focus on mental health involving seniors, or some may believe since they are older, they are less affected than younger adults. However, that is not true. Mental health is just as important for a senior to focus on as physical health is. If your parent or loved one is over 70 and chooses to age in place alone, it can be hard to help them with mental health. This is especially true when you cannot live with your parents or see them every day. Having home care assistance providers there can notice changes in their mental health.

Home Care Assistance Wayne NJ - Home Care Assistance: What Mental Disorders Can Affect The Elderly

Home Care Assistance Wayne NJ – Home Care Assistance: What Mental Disorders Can Affect The Elderly

One of the best ways to ensure your parents stay mentally and physically healthy is by opting to hire home care assistance providers for your seniors. They help seniors live and age in place without needing to go to a senior home as they age. However, not every senior should choose to have an home care assistance provider. Your parents may be better or more comfortable in a senior home depending on health conditions, mental stability, and other conditions.

If your loved one is determined to live at home for the remainder of their life, it is important to note what type of mental disorders and other diseases can affect them. You may not think about mental illnesses, but they can have an impact on your loved ones’ life. It is crucial to know what they are, their signs, and how to prevent them from getting worse.

Some Signs for You and Home Care Assistance Aides to Watch for


You will find that many seniors are satisfied with their life. However, seniors can get depressed and it can last longer than a phase. Sometimes losing a loved one, medication, or life stressors can cause this mental disorder in the elderly. They may have a lot more stress to deal with than you think about or even know about. You may start noticing changes in behaviors, moods, changes in weight and appetite, or things like constant fatigue. These are all signs of depression. If things get out of control it is time to talk to a doctor for help battling this mental disorder.

Chronic Stress

Things you may not even know about can stress out a senior and it can be hard to handle. Chronic stress can lead to a lot of other health problems that may leave a senior weak or sick. It may be things like life-style changes, money changes, or the death of relatives and close friends. All of these things can lead to extra stress that affects a senior. It can be hard for you to help with this but it is imperative that your parents or family knows that you are there for them.


You may not believe that your parents or loved ones deal with anxiety but growing older becomes scary. This is the final stage in life and it can cause anxiety. It is important to remain in your loved ones life and support them in whatever way you can. Be understanding of their anxiety and fear and find small ways to help them.

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Pamela DelColle, RN, CCRN