Use These Tips to Celebrate National Grandparent’s Day When You Have Teens

National Grandparent’s Day takes place on the first Sunday following Labor Day. It was passed by Congress in 1978 and is a day to bring generations together by showing children the importance of grandparents. It’s also a day when grandparents get to show their grandchildren unconditional love.

It can be hard to get older children interested in spending time with their grandparents. It’s not always the case, but as children enter their teen years and have jobs and friends keeping them busy, coordinating a family day together gets harder.

Here are some ways to ensure your family celebrates National Grandparent’s Day this year.

Home Care Fair Lawn NJ - Use These Tips to Celebrate National Grandparent's Day When You Have Teens

Home Care Fair Lawn NJ – Use These Tips to Celebrate National Grandparent’s Day When You Have Teens

Let Your Teens Take the Lead

Let your teens lead the way. Find out what they’d want to do with their grandparents. By involving them, they’ll have say in the things that interest them. Just make sure they know they need to pick activities their grandparents can manage.

For example, they may say they’d like to go out to dinner and a movie. You could arrange a matinee and dinner after with everyone going together. They may want to go to an escape room and have their grandparents help them solve the puzzles and escape the room in time.

Don’t Make the Gathering Too Long

Consider everyone’s schedule. Don’t plan a full day together if your teens have had to work the day before, they may want to meet up with friends later or go home and play games. That’s okay. You could have them go to your parents’ house and cook breakfast with you.

Arrange a Weekend Away

Your parents love traveling and your teens love the beach. Book a rental home that has enough room for everyone. Take a few days and go to the beach for a long weekend. Everyone gets to do something they enjoy, but in the downtime, you’re all under the same roof and socializing.

One of the best ways to have time to spend with your parents is by making sure they have help. Home care services aid them in getting daily tasks done each week. When you stop by after work or on a weekend, you’ll be able to do something fun rather than jump right into housework, meal preparation, or transportation.

A home care aide comes as often as is needed. With someone else helping with the home care your parents need, you’ll enjoy spending time together as a family. Call now to arrange services.

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Pamela DelColle, RN, CCRN