Tips for Helping Older Loved Ones with Shingles

Older adults who have had chickenpox are at a high risk of developing shingles. While shingles can affect individuals at different ages, seniors over 60 are more likely to reactivate the virus. If left unattended, shingles can cause painful blisters that burn, itch, and break open like sores. The best way to mitigate such problems is to consult a certified medical practitioner and hire a home care service for professional help.

If an older adult is under your care, these tips can help you keep them comfortable until the virus runs its course.

Get the Senior Vaccinated

Home Care Totowa NJ - Tips for Helping Older Loved Ones with Shingles

Home Care Totowa NJ – Tips for Helping Older Loved Ones with Shingles

Although it is unknown to everyone, the shingles vaccine is recommended for older adults over 50. The vaccine is given in dual phases, each several months apart. This is to ensure treatment is administered successfully. Even if an individual has shingles, vaccinating is advisable to prevent a recurrence. Most signs of shingles go undetected, but having a home care service on standby can ensure minor signs of infection are addressed in time.

Medical Treatment

Shingles are usually not a major cause for concern and go away alone. However, some medical treatments can accelerate recovery, eradicating blisters and improving the individual’s overall well-being. Attending doctor appointments can help manage the condition effectively if a loved one is diagnosed with shingles. In addition, professional home care services ensure a trained care provider is available 24/7 to address your loved one’s needs within a moment’s notice.

Apply Cool Compresses

Shingles are uncomfortable and painful. Nothing is more frustrating than the inability to handle daily tasks because of old age, only to have painful sores all over the body. A cold compress over the affected skin parts can relieve and ease irritation. In severe circumstances, the senior may be unable to apply a cool washcloth, and assistance is needed. Caring for an older adult with shingles can be overwhelming, especially if you lead a busy lifestyle. With that in mind, hiring a professional to provide specialized care can accelerate recovery and mitigate the development of new symptoms.

Schedule an Oatmeal Bath

Several home remedies can help you relieve a senior’s suffering from shingles. A commonly used alternative to medication is preparing an oatmeal bath for your loved one. The goal is to soothe the itching sensation, allowing the senior to concentrate on other things. In addition, oatmeal baths are effective for removing bacteria that cause infection. Besides preparing a bath of oats for your loved one, having a certified home care expert can aid in recovery and prevent further complications.

Hire a Home Care Service

Like most complications that affect the quality of life among older adults, close monitoring and care are critical for recovery. If you need professional help to care for a senior diagnosed with shingles, schedule a consultation with a reputable home care service. Please don’t let shingles affect the quality of life for your older loved one; call a certified facility to get the help you deserve.


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