Before winter hits, there are some cleaning tasks to complete at your parents’ house. Summer dust and pollen build up when windows are open. Once heating systems turn back on, any allergens within the home are there for the winter.

Homecare Franklin Lakes NJ - Cleaning and Home Maintenance Projects to Tackle Before Winter Hits

Homecare Franklin Lakes NJ – Cleaning and Home Maintenance Projects to Tackle Before Winter Hits

Start preparing for the winter by steam cleaning carpets and upholstery. Steam clean your parents’ hardwood, laminate, linoleum, and tile floors. That removes allergens picked up in the summer months. It also kills bacteria and other germs. What else should you be doing?

Clean Light Fixtures

Take covers off light fixtures and wash them. During the summer, insects like fruit flies and moths often find their way into the light fixtures. Dust and grime also find their way into light fixtures. Clean the glass covers, vacuum lampshades, and wipe down light bulbs.

By doing this, you’re getting the maximum lighting from the fixture and bulb. Brightly lit rooms keep electricity costs down. If a bulb is dusty, it’s reducing the amount of light that bulb gives off. As a result, people may turn on additional lamps and light fixtures.

Clean the Heating System

Arrange to have the furnace or boiler cleaned and inspected. If your parents’ heating system uses forced hot air, change the air filter. Vacuum any floor registers to remove dust.

If your parents are not in an area where natural gas is available, check fuel levels and order fuel if needed. You don’t want them running out when winter temperatures arrive.

Check Caulk and Weatherstripping

Keep cold drafts out by checking caulking and weatherstripping around doors and windows now. If cold air is getting in, it drives up heating costs. DIY supplies make it easy to fix any gaps or worn materials.

For very leaky windows, plastic sheets that go over the window helps keep out drafts. You use two-sided tape to secure the plastic over the window. A hairdryer heats the plastic and shrinks the plastic creating a tight seal that lasts through the winter.

Wash Windows

Once winter hits, it’s going to be too cold outside to wash windows. Your parents gain some heat from the sunlight coming in through a window. The sun helps lower heating costs. Clean windows now using a window cleaner designed to avoid streaks.

Do your parents have a hard time with housework? If so, homecare services are worthwhile. Homecare aides can help with light housekeeping tasks like dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and sterilizing surfaces. Call our homecare agency to make arrangements for your mom and dad.

If you or a senior family member are considering hiring Homecare Services in Franklin Lakes NJ, please contact the caring staff at Caring Solutions Home Care LLC. In-home senior care servicing Bergen & Passaic Counties. Call today at (973) 427-3553.

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Pamela DelColle, RN, CCRN