Finding Old Hobbies Again and Why Now Is the Perfect Time

As a caregiver, you may find that you and your senior are self-quarantined and feeling a little bit bored or unmoored during the COVID-19 pandemic. Revisiting some old hobbies might be a good way to help you both to get through this time.

Home Care Wayne NJ - Finding Old Hobbies Again and Why Now Is the Perfect Time

Home Care Wayne NJ – Finding Old Hobbies Again and Why Now Is the Perfect Time

Hobbies Fall Away for a Variety of Reasons

People let go of hobbies for a lot of different reasons. For you, time may be the biggest obstacle right now. Between jobs, family, and so much else demanding your attention, hobbies might have to take a back seat. For your senior, some hobbies that were easy and comforting in the past may be more difficult now due to things like arthritis or poor eyesight. There may be ways around that, though.

They’re Worth Digging out and Trying on Again

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are stuck at home self-quarantining. This is for the greater good of everyone, including your senior, but it could mean that you both have a lot more time on your hands. It’s worth digging out some of those old hobby ideas and giving them a try again. Your senior may remember why she loved that hobby or she may be able to teach it to you. Don’t overlook that you might pass your hobbies on to your senior as well.

You May Find They’re No Longer a Good Fit

The flip side of the coin is that you and your senior might realize that you gave up on those particular hobbies for a reason. They may no longer be enjoyable or you may feel as if you got everything you could out of those particular hobbies. Just because a hobby is something that you or your senior used to enjoy, that doesn’t mean either of you are required to do it now.

Or You Might Find that Those Old Hobbies Are Grounding

Spending all of your time at home and not being able to do a lot of the activities that you might be used to can leave you and your senior each feeling a little lost right now. That’s normal, but you might find that revisiting your old hobbies, whether they’re a good fit for your regular life or not, can be a little bit grounding for you right now. Nothing says you have to hang onto them after the pandemic eases up.

Revisiting hobbies from years ago can be a lot of fun, both for you and your senior. And during self-quarantine,  your elderly family member and home care provider may both have a lot more time to be able to give those hobbies a try again.

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Pamela DelColle, RN, CCRN