Tips To Help Seniors Recover From Winter Illnesses

Even the most careful seniors can end up catching the flu or other winter illnesses. Typically, seniors end up getting sick after the holidays are over because they have been exposed to germs at holiday gatherings. Seniors recovering at home from a winter illness like the flu may need senior home care services to help them until they are well.

Senior Home Care Hawthorne NJ - Tips To Help Seniors Recover From Winter Illnesses

Senior Home Care Hawthorne NJ – Tips To Help Seniors Recover From Winter Illnesses

When seniors are sick at home they could have trouble getting up out of bed, getting around the house, keeping up the housework, and making meals. Senior home care can be there to help your senior parent when you can’t because you have work or other responsibilities.

Some of the best things for seniors to do to help speed up their recovery are:

Drink Lots of Fluids

Staying hydrated is important for everyone when they’re sick. Seniors should be drinking water, hot herbal tea, smoothies, fruit juice, ginger ale, and other beverages that will ensure that they stay hydrated. Sports drinks or water with electrolytes are good choices for seniors to drink while they’re sick.


Sleep is an important part of recovery. The more seniors sleep, the more their immune system can fight off whatever makes them sick. Seniors should consider going to bed earlier when they are sick and taking naps during the day. With senior home care in the house to help with meals and cleaning seniors can focus on resting and getting better.


Seniors who are sick may not have a big appetite, but seniors need to continue to eat healthy meals. Nourishing soups, broth, and light comfort foods are good choices for seniors who aren’t feeling their best. Yogurt, cottage cheese, and crackers are great choices too. Protein shakes will help seniors get the protein they need when they don’t feel up to eating big meals.

Use a Humidifier

Flu symptoms often include respiratory issues such as cough and congestion. Using a humidifier in the senior’s room can help soothe irritated airways, ease breathing, and relieve symptoms like coughing and nasal congestion.

Wash Hands

Your senior parent and everyone in their home should wash their hands frequently with soap. And they should use hand sanitizer throughout the day as well. Washing hands is the best way to prevent the spread of germs.

Monitor Symptoms

Seniors who are sick with the flu or other viral illness may not be able to do much to treat their symptoms, but it’s important to keep track of those symptoms. Senior home care can help seniors monitor their symptoms and call a doctor if their symptoms get worse. Anytime your senior parent feels very ill, has trouble breathing, or has a fever that won’t come down they need to get immediate medical care.

Avoid Germs

Seniors who are feeling sick should not risk going out in public. They may need to skip the gym for a few days or miss book club but it’s better to cancel engagements than to get re-infected. If seniors go out when they’re already sick their immune systems won’t be strong enough to fight off any germs they pick up in public.

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