24-Hour Home Care Helps Seniors Battle Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is sadly a component of many older persons’ everyday lives. According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), roughly two-thirds of people over the age of 65 suffer from chronic pain. When your seniors choose to age in place, you may be worried about how they will battle chronic pain, especially when you’re not around to help. Luckily, there are options for many seniors to live the rest of their days out at home despite their chronic pain. 24-hour home care specialists are a good option for senior adults with various diseases.

Pain is experienced by some older persons due to ailments such as arthritis, diabetes, nerve abnormalities, and cardiovascular disease. Others are dealing with chronic symptoms due to injuries sustained in a fall or accident or from surgical recovery. 24-hour home care providers may be able to help a senior manage chronic pain while you are not with your parents.

Chronic pain, prevalent in seniors, may interrupt everyday living and contribute to a diminished capacity to sleep, concentrate, and handle stress. It may lead to memory issues in certain elderly people. Chronic pain may also drive older persons to withdraw from formerly liked activities and become alienated from family, friends, and the community.

Managing Chronic Pain With 24-Hour Home Care

Seniors suffering from chronic pain have trouble adequately caring for themselves, managing their daily affairs, and managing their health. 24-hour home care services can be a great option if you need more help with your senior parents.

Daily Routine Reminders

Seniors will need reminders to do their regular daily activities and stay on track with their health. They may need reminders for workouts, medications, and showering. You can be there during a workout, supervising, and ensuring the senior does not hurt themselves. Proper pain management also entails strictly adhering to a doctor’s instructions on taking medicine.

Watching Out For Side Effects

Pain relievers might sometimes produce unanticipated adverse effects. When this occurs, a caregiver may notify your loved one’s care team, making a significant difference in care, comfort, and safety. They can start recording any side effects that a senior may not even know. They will also advise whether further safety precautions, such as erecting rails to prevent a fall, may be essential.

Helping Around The House

Seniors will not be able to move as much as they used to or as well as they used to. Adding in chronic pain, they may do less than they could before the pain started and will need extra help around the house with simple tasks. In-home caregivers may help elderly people with more severe mobility impairments with personal care chores such as transferring, toileting, and clothing.

Transportation Assistance

You will want to help your parents get from place to place, but this is a full-time job. When seniors struggle with chronic pain, they will need to get to doctor’s appointments and maybe even physical therapy to help battle the pain. Having a professional coordinate and taking a senior to appointments can help improve their quality of life.

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