What Services are Included from Senior Home Care Providers

If you’ve never heard of senior home care services before, you might not realize all that these services can do for you and your elderly family member. Seniors have ever-changing needs, and senior home care providers can keep up with those needs and help you to find solutions that work for your senior and her lifestyle, even as it changes over time.

Help with Non-Medical Daily Needs

Senior Home Care Wyckoff NJ- What Services are Included from Senior Home Care Providers

Senior Home Care Wyckoff NJ- What Services are Included from Senior Home Care Providers

Lots of seniors need a little bit of extra help with something called activities of daily living, or ADLs. These activities are things like getting dressed, eating, bathing, and more. Your elderly family member may not need constant help, but when she does need assistance, it matters. Having senior home care aides right there with her can make all the difference for her. When these activities are less difficult for your elderly family member to manage, she’s more likely to experience a higher quality of life overall.

Assisting with Instrumental Activities of Daily Living

Activities of daily living are the big activities to be concerned about, but there are IADLs, too. These are incidental activities of daily living or the activities that support your senior in her daily life. Think activities like shopping, errands, food preparation, housekeeping tasks, and more. These are the tasks that might have started to become too much for your senior to manage on her own, and that she might need the most help with if she wants to keep aging in place. Senior home care can take care of these tasks for your senior.

Companionship and Transportation Assistance

Another big issue for your elderly family member can revolve around loneliness and being able to be around the people that she wants to see. Senior home care can offer companionship to your senior in addition to the hands-on help that she may also need. But caregivers can also help your elderly family member to get where she needs and wants to go, which can be even more important if she no longer drives. Being able to meet up with people she’s friends with or that whom she does specific activities can help your senior to stay engaged with those activities and people. Overall, that helps her emotional health immeasurably.

Senior Home Care Provides Respite Assistance for Family Caregivers

Finally, there’s a lot that senior home care providers can do for you as a family caregiver. If you have been the one handling these tasks for your senior for a while now, you may have started to realize that you need a break now and again. Being able to find reliable respite care assistance that you trust can mean the world in terms of helping you to be mentally and physically able to keep caring for your senior.

Many seniors want more than anything to age in place for as long as possible. If that describes your senior as well, that’s just another reason for you to embrace what senior home care services can offer to your elderly family member.

Excerpt: Understanding what senior care offers to your elderly family member can help you to find the right level of help for her.

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Pamela DelColle, RN, CCRN