Elder Care Can Assist Seniors with Transportation Options

If you have been caring for your elderly loved one, you probably have been driving them around a lot. Depending on where all your elderly loved one needs to go, the transportation can take up a lot of your time and be frustrating at times, too. If you are starting to feel like transporting your elderly loved one around all the time is too much, you can look into different transportation options for them and additional help from elder care providers.

Local Buses

Elder Care Hawthorne NJ - Elder Care can Assist Seniors with Transportation Options

Elder Care Hawthorne NJ – Elder Care can Assist Seniors with Transportation Options

Most cities and some towns have local buses. These usually have a small fee, with the average being between $3 and $5 per trip. Some of them require advance notice of a day or two before someone can ride. However, others allow a person to call the day of and get a ride within the next half hour to a few hours later. This might be an option to consider for the transportation of your elderly loved one. However, if your elderly loved one needs to go out of the city, these buses likely won’t take them past the city limits.

Handicap-Equipped Shuttles

If your elderly loved one lives in a bigger city and they have a handicap, the city might have handicap-equipped shuttles you can check into. These shuttles have wheelchair accessibility, chair lifts, and other handicap features. This might be something that you want to check into if your elderly loved one has special needs when riding anywhere.

Rideshare Options

You may also want to check into rideshare options for your elderly loved one. Depending on where your elderly loved one lives, there may be various choices. Some of the options that might be available include Lyft and Uber.

Elder Care Providers

Another option for transportation would be elder care providers. These providers can drive your elderly loved one wherever they need to go. This can include appointments, visiting friends, to the grocery store, and other places, as well.

If you are starting to get overwhelmed with all the transportation that you have to do for your elderly loved one, it is recommended to look into these other options. With all these options you can decide which would be best for your elderly loved one. If needed, you can call all these places to ask questions about their services. This way, you can narrow down which ones wouldn’t work for your elderly loved one and which ones will. It is also important to note that your elderly loved one doesn’t always have to use the same service either. They can use more than one of these.

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