What Can You Do about Increased Anxiety in Your Senior at Night?

Nighttime anxiety is something that your elderly family member might experience once in a while or chronically. It can lead to insomnia and to other issues, especially if you’re not able to sleep well as a result. These ideas below can help.


Caregiver in Franklin Lakes NJ: Night Anxiety

Caregiver in Franklin Lakes NJ: Night Anxiety


Help Her to Develop a Solid Bedtime Routine

Sleep hygiene is a term that refers to the routines that lead up to your senior getting ready for and going to bed. if she has a routine that works well for her, then she’s gently led through that routine into a great night’s sleep that pays off for her the next day. Bright lights and screens before bed or trying to go to sleep directly from a chaotic evening routine usually won’t work well. A relaxing routine that helps your senior wind down the day and approach sleep from a relaxed standpoint works much better.


Look for Potential Causes for the Anxiety

Anxiety can occur for so many reasons. Your elderly family member may feel more uncomfortable after dark when every noise seems like it could be something sinister. Or she may take medications that leave her feeling anxious. It’s important to talk with her doctor so that you can rule out any potential medical causes for anxiety as quickly as possible.


Make Sure Someone Is Available

Even if you and your elderly family member live in the same home, you may not be able to be your senior’s overnight comfort when she’s feeling extremely anxious. You do need sleep, too, especially if you have other responsibilities that need your attention. This is when having elderly care providers who can help your senior at night can be incredibly helpful. They can take the night shift so that you can get some rest and your senior has someone she can count on.


Try to Address Common Needs

Sometimes basic needs are to blame for anxiety. This is especially the case if there’s no immediate threat or reason for your senior to feel concerned. She might be hungry, in pain, or need to use the bathroom. You can make a checklist of sorts that includes all of these basic needs and give each a try. Once the anxiety eases, it’s highly likely you landed on the culprit for now.


Anxiety is a very real issue for your aging adult, even if there’s not any tangible reason for her to be feeling that anxiety. When you address the underlying issues, you validate her feelings and you leave the path open to finding a solution that can help at least a little bit.


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