Tips For Talking To A Senior Parent About 24-Hour Care

As your senior parent gets older and develops more health problems they may need to have someone with them around the clock. Seniors who are aging in place may not want to accept that they need 24-hour home care services. To some seniors, having 24-hour home care signals a loss of independence. It can make them feel like they’re failing or like they can’t take care of themselves.

But 24-hour home care is just another tool that seniors can use to maintain their independence. Having someone in the house around the clock gives seniors companionship, support, and security.

If you know that it’s time to talk to your senior parent about getting 24-hour home care but you’re not sure how to have that conversation use these tips to make it easier:

24-Hour Home Care Wyckoff NJ - Tips For Talking To A Senior Parent About 24-Hour Care

24-Hour Home Care Wyckoff NJ – Tips For Talking To A Senior Parent About 24-Hour Care

Choose the Right Time and Setting

The time to have a serious discussion like this is not in a restaurant, or at night when your senior parent is tired and cranky. Choose a time when your senior parent is awake, alert, happy, and ready to listen. If necessary, schedule a time to sit down and talk so that you can have an uninterrupted conversation.

Express Your Concerns with Empathy

Begin the conversation by expressing your love and concern for your parent’s well-being. Use “I” statements to convey your feelings without sounding accusatory. For example, say, “I’ve been noticing that things have been challenging for you lately, and I’m worried about your safety and health.”

Highlight Specific Concerns

Share specific instances or observations that have led you to consider around-the-clock care. Whether it’s forgetfulness, difficulty managing daily tasks, or concerns about their safety at home, be clear about the reasons for your concern. If your parent has fallen at home or almost fallen say that you’re concerned they will fall and hurt themselves at night when no one is there. Or, say that you know there has been property crime in the area and you’re worried about them being alone at night. Be as specific as you can.

Emphasize the Benefits of 24/7 Home Care

Highlight the positive aspects of having around-the-clock care. Emphasize that it’s about ensuring their safety, providing companionship, and enhancing their overall quality of life. Mention how having a caregiver can help with daily activities and provide support during emergencies.

Acknowledge Their Independence

Acknowledge and respect your parent’s desire for independence. Reassure them that the goal is not to take away their autonomy but to provide the necessary support to help them live comfortably and safely in their own home.

Involve Them in the Decision-Making Process

Make your parent feel included in the decision-making process. Ask for their thoughts and preferences regarding the type of care they would be comfortable with. Listen to their concerns and worries about losing their independence. Practice active listening and talk about those worries. Don’t just dismiss them.

Share Success Stories

Share positive stories of friends, neighbors, or other relatives who have benefited from around-the-clock care. Talk about how it has improved their quality of life, allowed them to stay in their own homes, and provided peace of mind for them and their families. Call them up and ask your senior parents to talk to them about their experiences.

Ask Them To Commit To A Trial Run

If your parent is hesitant, suggest a trial period for 24-hour home care to see how it goes. Suggest a trial period of a month to see if there are significant benefits. Once your senior parent has a chance to experience the comfort, safety, and other advantages that 24-hour home care offers they may be ready to accept that they need help around the clock.

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