Companion Care Helps Seniors Beat The Winter Blues

During the coldest part of the winter seniors often are stuck at home. It’s too cold out for them to do normal activities that can provide the social interaction they need like going to the gym, going out to lunch, or getting out to walk. Because seniors are aging in place and are often stuck alone at home during the winter they can become depressed, anxious, and suffer from health problems related to social isolation. Companion care at home services is the solution to the winter isolation that seniors experience.

Companion Care at Home Ridgewood NJ - Companion Care Helps Seniors Beat The Winter Blues

Companion Care at Home Ridgewood NJ – Companion Care Helps Seniors Beat The Winter Blues

When your senior parent has companion care at home they will get to spend hours each day with a trusted companion. Your senior parent will have a friend in the house with them that they can talk to, share meals with, and do activities with. Companion care at home is a fantastic way for seniors to get the social interaction they need to stay healthy.

Some other things that can help seniors beat the winter blues are:

Try Light Therapy

Lack of sunlight exposure can contribute to seasonal depression. Seniors can invest in light therapy lamps that mimic natural sunlight. Spending time in front of these lamps for a specified duration each day can help regulate mood and improve overall well-being.

Be Active At Home

Regular physical activity is a powerful tool against depression. Seniors who are used to going out walking or going to the gym may become depressed when they can’t participate in their favorite activities because it’s too cold. But, there are lots of workouts seniors can do at home like walking workouts, strength training, stationary cycling, yoga, and more.

Try New Hobbies

Pursuing hobbies and activities that bring joy and fulfillment can be an effective way to combat seasonal depression. Seniors can explore interests such as painting, gardening, reading, or learning a new skill. Trying new hobbies provide a sense of purpose and accomplishment. Seniors can also join online groups and participate in online communities for hobbies they enjoy.

Create a Comfortable Environment

If seniors are going to be stuck at home, then they should make home a comfortable place to be. With your help your senior parent can rearrange furniture, buy new window coverings, invest in some cozy blankets, make new art for the walls, or do other things that will make the house feel warm and cozy instead of cold and lonely.

Volunteer Online

Seniors can also keep busy and socialize by volunteering online. Seniors can help kids with homework, become mentors, chat with people, and do volunteer work on the phone so they don’t need to leave their homes. Online volunteering gives seniors a sense of purpose and community that can help them stay positive and engaged.

Play Video Games

Video games aren’t just for teens. A huge percentage of seniors play video games these days. Video games help seniors improve their cognitive skills and their hand and eye coordination. And talking to other players, forming groups, and joining online communities provides great social contact for seniors.

If you or a senior family member are considering hiring Companion Care at Home Services in Ridgewood NJ, please contact the caring staff at Caring Solutions Home Care LLC. In-home senior care servicing Bergen & Passaic Counties. Call today at (973) 427-3553.

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Pamela DelColle, RN, CCRN