How Home Care Assistance Helps Your Senior Loved One After A Stroke

Strokes are very common among seniors. About 60% of the people who have strokes are over the age of 60. And more than half of seniors over the age of 65 who have a stroke experience some type of impairment to their mobility. There’s a good chance that if your senior parent has a stroke when they come home from the hospital they will need home care assistance services even if they didn’t need it before they had the stroke.

Home care assistance can help seniors who now have limited mobility get around the house safely. They can also help stroke survivors with other elements of recovery like:

Household Management

Home Care Assistance Fair Lawn NJ - How Home Care Assistance Helps Your Senior Loved One After A Stroke

Home Care Assistance Fair Lawn NJ – How Home Care Assistance Helps Your Senior Loved One After A Stroke

When your senior loved one returns from the hospital the household probably is pretty disorganized. There may be dishes in the sink still, laundry that needs to be done, and other chores that are waiting. A home care provider can clean up the house, do the laundry, sort the mail that’s come in, do some shopping to make sure there’s food in the house, and make sure that the home is comfortable for your senior loved one.

They can also do things like make up a bed downstairs for your senior loved one who can no longer climb the stairs, move all their toiletries and necessities to a downstairs bathroom, and make any modifications to the house that need to be made so that your senior loved one will be safe at home.

Medication Management

Your senior parent will likely be on a lot of different medications after a stroke. A home care provider can take charge of those medications to make sure that your senior loved one is getting their medications at the right times and make sure that medications get refilled when necessary. They can also watch for any side effects that might occur from new medications.

Fall Prevention

Fall prevention is extremely important after your loved one has a stroke. 73% of seniors who have a stroke will have a fall within months of having their stroke. And falls can be quite serious for seniors. Seniors can break bones and sustain other injuries if they fall even if they fall on carpet or a soft surface. A home care provider can make sure there is no clutter in the house that could cause your senior parent to fall. They can remove area rugs, move furniture, and clear safe paths for getting around if your senior is using a cane or a walker now. They can also assist your senior loved one to make sure they don’t fall.


More than 100,000 people every year who have had a stroke have a second stroke. Noticing the signs of a stroke early can make a huge difference in how fast your senior loved one gets treatment. And getting treatment quickly has a big impact on how much damage is done by the stroke. With home care assistance your senior loved one always has someone with them who can notice the signs of a second stroke and call for immediate medical help.


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