How Can You Tell it’s Time for Your Senior to Move?

Lots of aging adults want to age in place for as long as they possibly can. But the individual circumstances that affect your senior’s life may mean that isn’t something that she’s going to be able to do. Here are some details you may need to examine.

Homecare Totowa NJ - How Can You Tell it’s Time for Your Senior to Move?

Homecare Totowa NJ – How Can You Tell it’s Time for Your Senior to Move?

Assess How Mobility Affects Her at Home

Your senior’s mobility is about more than you might think. There’s her personal mobility, both in public and at home. She may have started limiting her outings because of difficulties with mobility. But she could also be having trouble walking around in her own home, too. This could mean that she’s having trouble with balance or that she’s not strong enough to walk as far as she needs to, even in her home.

Verify Safety Issues and Concerns

Like mobility, safety covers a lot of ground. If your senior is having trouble with simple activities, like cooking without burning her food or forgetting that she’s got something on the stove, that can be incredibly dangerous. If she’s having difficulty with some of her senses, like her hearing or her vision, she may not realize that some situations she’s in are actually quite dangerous.

Determine How Much Help Is Available to Her

Your senior has you, but there may be other types of help that she can access when she needs to as well. Neighbors, friends, and other family members are often another line of help she can lean on. Making sure that your senior has as much help as possible is absolutely crucial, whether she’s going to move or stay where she is. Homecare providers are an excellent way to add another line of assistance for your elderly family member.

Have a Heart to Heart with Your Senior

As you’re gathering information, talk to your senior. Is her heart set on aging in place, no matter what, or is she open to other options? It’s important that you understand where she’s coming from and what she’s ultimately planning so that you can take the steps that you need to take. This isn’t always easy and it could mean that you’re having to help your senior to do something she wanted to avoid doing.

What your senior wants and what is sustainable for her might be two different things. Work with her to find a solution that helps her to be as safe as possible while still allowing her to have as much of the lifestyle that she wants to have.

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Pamela DelColle, RN, CCRN